“I’ve enjoyed being a member of The Circle. It’s been a great way to get a different perspective, to see what works for others and to expand my network.”

"I had no hesitations in joining The Circle when the opportunity came up - I've known about Interactive Minds for many years and attend their events, so I knew this would be of benefit.

I find the face to face sessions to be particularly beneficial, as I develop as a leader and a manager. Being able to connect with marketers across all stages of their career - and being able to learn from their experiences - is helping me lay the foundations for my own management career.

I'm also enjoying the interaction with Circle members in the private Facebook group. This is a great outlet to discuss issues with other Circle members, and the access to a new mentor every month helps generate timely discussions about marketing trends and changes."

"Being part of a marketing mastermind is one of the most effective development activities I’ve ever done. It’s been really helpful to get input from other marketers on the opportunities and challenges that I’m faced with and build a network you can continue to tap into”.

Michael Barnard, General Manager, Customology

Brooke Charlton, Customer Reward and Recognition Manager, Suncorp Group



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Rachelle Forbes, Communications Manager, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

Ashleigh Ayers, Marketing Operations, TrademarkVision

"As well as getting lots of value from the mastermind days, it's so useful to have The Circle Facebook Group right there when I need it. If I'm unsure about a decision, or have a road block that's holding me back, sometimes even just voicing my thoughts in the FB group helps me work through a problem. Most of the time I get a really wide variety of responses and it's so helpful to pick out what's useful and apply it right away."

What our members say
about The Circle

Hear some of The Circle members sharing their experiences after the first six months of the program.


Ashleigh Conwell, National Campaigns Manager,  Flight Centre
Michelle Wade, Senior Advisor, Strategic Marketing and Communications, Healthdirect Australia
Pamela Policar, Direct Marketing Advisor, yourtown
Deborah Manning, Sr Manager APAC Demand Generation Core Programs, Autodesk

Pamela Policar, Direct Marketing Advisor, yourtown

"After attending a few masterminds days I’ve noticed that I often walk in thinking I will focus on a specific item, and yet I walk away with something else that actually better addresses the root of the challenge I’m working on. These sessions help me to put things in perspective."

"It’s been very valuable to get some new perspectives and ideas on how to tackle my challenges from different angles. I also really enjoyed getting insights into other industries and challenges."

Cecile Jacques, Marketing Manager, Deswik