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Founder and CEO

In my career, the top breakthroughs and most valuable feedback have come from talking through ideas and challenges with others. Being part of a likeminded group of peers has assisted me with focus, aided me in identifying solutions and shortcut the decision making process. We need to be surrounded by others who share our passion.

Louisa Dahl, CEO, Interactive Minds


“It’s been very valuable to get some new perspectives and ideas on how to tackle my challenges from different angles. I also really enjoyed getting insights into other industries and challenges.”

"I had no hesitations in joining The Circle when the opportunity came up - I've known about Interactive Minds for many years and attend their events, so I knew this would be of benefit.

I find the face to face sessions to be particularly beneficial, as I develop as a leader and a manager. Being able to connect with marketers across all stages of their career - and being able to learn from their experiences - is helping me lay the foundations for my own management career.

I'm also enjoying the interaction with Circle members in the private Facebook group. This is a great outlet to discuss issues with other Circle members, and the access to a new mentor every month helps generate timely discussions about marketing trends and changes."

"Being part of a marketing mastermind is one of the most effective development activities I’ve ever done. It’s been really helpful to get input from other marketers on the opportunities and challenges that I’m faced with and build a network you can continue to tap into”.

Cecile, Deswik

Brooke Charlton, Customer Reward and Recognition Manager, Suncorp Group

We’ve hand selected the following mentors to exclusively share their insights and knowledge with The Circle. You’ll hear about trends and areas they are interested in, plus at designated times they will answer your questions in the online forum.

Managing Director Clemenger BBDO

Product Marketing Communication

Director of Audience Development

Have you ever wished you could get input and feedback from other marketers? Would you like to have a close network of peers to talk to about your challenges and ideas? 

In a role with increasing complexities and no right or wrong answers, modern marketers have a tough job and need a solid support network, informed input and exposure to other successful approaches and industries to get the best results.





Interactive Minds runs a mastermind program for passionate marketers who want to take their output to a new level. 

Each Circle will be made up of a group of six to eight marketers who will come together on a regular basis, access insights from mentors around the world, get invites to exclusive events, attend quarterly mastermind days and be part of a private online community where the focus is on contribution and achieving outcomes.

It’s time for marketers to have access to support they need to achieve their best.

  • Exclusive access
    Get access to exclusive events such as the Digital Summit speaker dinner and occasional Circle lunches.




Exposure to other industries
This is your chance to stay fresh across multiple industries and learn from other approaches.

A way to give and receive  input 
Not only can you get input and advice from your peers, but you will have the chance to share your knowledge with others.

A network to provide guidance
Personalised input is the most valuable. Get your questions answered on the quarterly mastermind days, in the online forum and at the Circle lunches.

Fine tune your focus and priorities
Talk to your peers and get perspective on how you can prioritise your activities for the best outcomes.

Thought leadership opportunities
Grow your profile through accessing Interactive Minds’ national network to share your thought leadership. We can connect you with speaking opportunities, a broader network and recommendations in the industry.

A results and accountability partner
Let us be your results partner. The Circle will encourage you to track against meaningful KPIs and report back on a regular basis. Access an extended network with a vested interest in your success. Have the confidence to explore new opportunities and achieve your best.

The Circle is a highly personalised group and our first group commeced in March 2018 and is currently full. We are opening a second Brisbane intake in July 2018 and have up to 16 spots available.   

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your outcomes as a marketer.

If you want to be part of The Circle in a city outside of Brisbane, please                         and we'll fast track your launch!

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  • Be part of an exclusive network of forward-thinking marketers
    Attend regular in-person catch ups so you can build valuable relationships. Plus there's a private Facebook group to continue the discussions.
  • Quarterly mastermind days
    Come together with peers to discuss your specific challenges, define solutions and inject some fresh thinking into your marketing activities in a confidential mastermind format. 
  • Access to mentor insights
    Get exclusive access to the latest thinking from specialist marketing mentors around the world and Q&A opportunities.

The Circle is only open to applications from marketers working for brands. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept agencies or suppliers as members at this stage. Applications are carefully considered so we can ensure that participants are a great fit for the group and ready to be part of something special. The Circle is a 12 month commitment and involves a monthly fee to be involved.

In order to be considered for The Circle in Brisbane, please submit your interest and we’ll be in touch soon regarding next steps.

The next round of The Circle will commence in September 2018.


A marketer is required to stay up to date, continually generate new ideas, experiment and yet keep focus, prioritise and implement big decisions. The only way to really achieve this is by leveraging an independent support network, having real life conversations and accessing personalised insights and input. As well as these vital ingredients, The Circle will also provide you with:

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Deloitte Consulting

Head of Marketing


The Circle is facilitated by experienced marketer and business owner, Louisa Dahl.

Louisa has over 18 years experience in the marketing industry developing and implementing digital strategies for brands and agencies and working across clients such as AFL, Nintendo, Carsguide, McGuigan Wines, Acer and more. In 2005 Louisa co-founded a digital agency, Agency Fusion which she later sold. 

10 years ago Louisa started Interactive Minds through which she helps businesses stay up to date on the latest digital marketing topics and skills required.

Louisa has recently written a book called "The Deliberate Digital Marketer" which provides a framework for high achieving marketers.  

Louisa brings her wealth of experience to The Circle and facilitates the masterminds. She also provides input to The Circle Members through the private online group.

Rachelle Forbes, Communications Manager, Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine